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PostSubject: ROSO Staff   Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:44 pm

In game tags

[GM] = Game master
[HD] = Help Desk
NOTE: {GM} or |GM|, {HD}, |HD| is not us unless we teleport you to prove it is us.

Game Founder
[GM]Rage known in-game as ( GM )RAG3 - ENG / ENG

Game Co-Founder
[GM]Justin also known as [Admin]Frost - ENG / ENG

In-Game Game Masters

In-Game Help Desks
[HD]Eric - ENG / ENG

Game Forum Moderator
[FM]PrimitiveCaesar also known on main forums [FM]Caesar - Eng / Spanish
[FM]Jay - ENG / ENG
[FM]Kinky - ENG/ENG

Anyone else says they are staff members without even having a
GM tag over their head and in their name in game is NOT A STAFF MEMBER.
You get scammed regarding this. IT IS YOUR FAULT.
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ROSO Staff
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